Welcome to Red Hat Thesis Management System

Greetings traveller!

Welcome to Red Hat’s thesis management system which lets you search through a list of available thesis topics for you to choose from.
Have a topic in mind? Use the search engine, there’s a chance we already have a topic to offer!

There are three main types of users that may benefit from using this web.

  1. Students - obviously :)
    You are free to look through any topics that you can find here. Feel free (and encouraged) to contact the leader of any topic that you can find. You may might be able to adjust the topic significantly based on your discussion with the topic creator/leader so don’t be afraid to offer suggestions and you may end up with a perfect topic.

  2. Red Hat Engineers
    You’re the ones coming up with topics that are not only interesting to students but also often lead to useful results. And since a topic always needs a student to work on it, posting it on this web will help it attract the necessary attention

  3. Academic Leaders/University Staff
    If you are looking for interesting topics that to offer to your students (either directly or through your university information system), you’ve come to the right place.