Firefox OS application
Mobilni aplikace pro Firefox OS

Description in English

Design and create an application for Firefox OS mobile system. It can be any kind of application (like a game or so) or conversion of existing one from other mobile system. You don’t need to own the Firefox OS device - desktop Firefox is enough to emulate it or I can provide one for testing. There’s also a test Firefox OS phone available in Red Hat Brno office.

Description in Czech

Navrhnete a implementujte aplikaci podle vaseho vyberu pro mobilni system Firefox OS. Muze to byt napr. hra a nebo jiz existuji aplikace pro jinou mobilni/desktopovou platformu. K praci neni treba mit telefon s Firefox OS - vyvoj probiha v desktopovem Firefoxu v responsivnim rezimu a Firefox OS simulatoru. Studentum je take k dispozici Firefox OS telefon k testovani v kancelari Red Hatu v Brne.

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